"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." (Neals Donald Walsh)

How can you relate to this quote now that you´re away from home?

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    Veera (Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2022 08:59)

    If I could change this quote I would change life to the word adventure. It is totally true that we really have to leave our comfort zone to get something new to our world (friends, perspective, experiences etc.). I think it is also possible to leave your comfort zone in living your basic daily life. Doing sonething differently is so refreshing that it makes life to be more complete. I think travelling is one of the things that really make yourself richer. Leaving your comfort zone also gives perfectly perspective into ”the basic life” and comfort zone and opens eyes to new things.

    I think that it is not just the life or adventure that starts in the end of your comfort zone but also learning. We are learning so much of ourselves when we push ourselves to do things that we are not that secure about. Failing is also one of the best ways of learning and getting self-confidence. Anything in life is not too serious.

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    Rachel (Donnerstag, 19 Mai 2022 17:31)

    I couldn't think of a quote that fits me better than this one. For me, this internship, even though for others it is probably "only" 6 weeks, was extremely overwhelming. When i was a child, I was always very homesick and at the age of 17 or 18 I could never have imagined leaving home alone for a long time. Nevertheless, I was always a little worried that I would regret it later if I didn't use my young years for such experiences. That's why I chose "Global education" back then, to be "obliged", to go abroad for a short time. The time in the internship in Sri Lanka was extremely exciting for me and I am very glad that I had this experience. I enjoyed the time very much and was still glad to be back home afterwards. I am glad that I left my comfort zone and had the opportunity to have this experience. I agree with this quote 100 per cent!

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    Anna (Dienstag, 16 Oktober 2018 09:43)

    We all like to do what we know is comfortable for us. We prefer not to get out of our comfort zones, because it feels so good and everything is familiar. We know exactly how to live there and our thoughts and feelings.
    But at some point, it is important for everyone to leave the own comfort zone. Of course, it is comfortable, but the world has so much more to offer. Whenever I go on adventures I get out of my comfort zone and I experience a lot of new things and learn more about myself. At home you stress yourself with so many unnecessary things and when you are somewhere else it all seems so easy.
    Furthermore, we must turn our dreams into goals. Setting goals is one of the most important things anyone, who wishes to get out of the comfort zone, must do.

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    Kathrin (Montag, 24 September 2018 23:18)

    Our comfort zone is a very beautiful place. Everything in this zone is familiar and everything will stay the same if you just stay in there. Each day is almost like the day before - nothing new happens. But obviously everybody likes to life in their comfort zone.

    I am sure that it is important for everyone to leave his/her comfort zone sometimes but not too often. For me it is an enrichment and kind of like an adventure to try new things and also risk failure. Because of everything that happens I grow and learn. This can just happen when you leave your comfort zone.

    What counts is that you only have one life and it is not worth and too short to spend it in a „bubble“.

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    Ingfrid (Samstag, 15 September 2018 16:31)

    When I left home the 2th of August heading for Germany, I had absolutely no idea of what or whom I was going to meet. I remember sitting in the car early in the morning on the way to the train station. My little sister driving me and I was telling her how uncomfortable I was leaving everyone and everything I know back home. I have always loved my comfort zone, not really seeing the need of leaving it. But as I grew older, I realised that I can learn a lot about myself and the world in doing exactly that, leaving it. So going away as a exchange student seemed like a good opportunity to learn more.
    The worst part was leaving all of my friends behind and knowing that I have to ‘put myself out there’ in order to get new ones. In the summer school in Germany there where over a hundred participants, that’s a lot of people and kind of scary. How can you find someone you go along with when there’s so many people. And what if you don’t? Luckily I met a lot of nice people and got some really good friends from all around the world. And they are just a plane ride away.
    So I wouldn’t say that life begins at the end of the comfort zone, but that it gets richer from there. And I like it!