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Week 1-2 (24.2~8.3)

Everything was new for me, the weather is cold, the country is surrounded by mountains. After taking the train to Austria, I was struck by the spatial landscape that my hometown did not have. First week was the welcome week, and I realized Austria is a country full of cheese and bread. Since Feldkirch is a small town, it’s not that easy to find food that I am used to.


On Saturday, my friend Kelvin invited me to go skiing with his buddy Otmar in Rankweil. We took the bus to the mountain and the winding road almost made me vomit. I couldn’t control how to slow down the skis, so I fell many times and got bruises on my legs.


The second week, the most burdensome week. The courses were very tough, I have to deal with lecturers who have strong accents. On the excursion of Social Justice, we went to Ravensburg to learn the history of cultural conflicts. In fact, I found that people here didn't care about the most "rational point of view" but take every idea very seriously. Now I really look forward to know more about Austria.




Week 3 (9.3~15.3)

It is a harsh time for us. People have different views on the outbreak of coronavirus. In Europe, many think it just as the flu. This is not dangerous and has a low mortality rate. The media always makes things look worse and scares people. Some exchange students complain about the closure of many tourist attractions and did not know where to go during their holidays.


In Asia, some people call this "collectivism." People think that it is not me or you, it is our responsibility to take this issue seriously to protect the whole country. If everyone is fine, then we are fine. Also, we cannot deny the fact that the population density of Asian countries is generally high, so people should always wear masks on the street. No judgment, it just shows the cultural differences.


On Friday, I was told that three students in my dormitory were screened. Luckily, they were all tested negative. However, I felt a little lonely at night, because there were only three people left in the building. I hope all things will get better gradually.