Hello :)
this is Katrina and Maria ...
We both study special education and we specialized on teaching kids with hearing loss.
we came from Haifa, Israel and now we study in PH Vorarlberg and we live in Hohenems, Austria.
We both like the beach and we both like music :) 

Welcome to our page we hope that you would like it.
Katrina and Maria.

Us teaching in Austria:

From the first day we saw that there were a lot of differences between teaching here and in Israel. We both were amazed with the teaching system here, since the regular system works like the special education system in Israel.

Furthermore we saw that they teach the children with games and more visual equipment :)

We will definitely take some pedagogic ways back home with us, and we think that we brought stuff from home :)

We are basically here also for a very important reason we are promoting a project which includes the topic of multiple languages and multiple cultures, and at the end of the year the children will be taking part at a play that shed the light on these topics in order to raise the knowledge and the confidence of the children who have multiple languages, furthermore our main concern is to strengthen the immigrate children and their self-esteem.  

Some pictures from our journey :)

We hope you enjoyed it <3 Katrina and Maria